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Winter White Coats Make a Statement

"It feels like all the Autumn leaves are falling, I Feel like your the only reason for it." One of my favorite songs is all about this season (keep reading until the end to find out the song information) and transitioning from one phase to the other and that's just what fall is! Leaves are falling and covering the gardens that once flourished and we're grabbing warmer sweaters and stepping out into the call fall air.

I want to share one of my favorite fall finds with you all that I love and I think you will too!

The star of the show is this coat! It's from H & M and was a steal! I was in the mall with my niece looking around and as soon as that cream color caught my eyes I just had to grab it. Its super warm and neutral so it can be styled with like colors or as a stand alone piece. When I was putting piece with the coat I wanted to emphasize its beautiful color so I actually went a little "matchy matchy" today.

I added flare jeans and they are so bomb ladies! I've been seeing them on websites and shelves alike. Trends often go around and come back in style. To be honest, I have never stopped wearing them! I move to my own beat and I’ve always loved how they make hips look great and add some drama to every outfit. I mean who doesn’t like drama here and there? I found these jeans years ago at Express and they are some of my favorites!

This sweater is such a classic look! This was fine from Tj Maxx when we took a little road trip to Canton, Ohio this past October. I paired it with jeans to give it a more dressed up and sophisticated look. Not to mention the fabric is so soft and comfy. I tried to find something similar in the link below.

As I'm finding my style as a young women I'm trying all different styles and colors. What do you think of this outfit? How would you style this coat? Comment below and let me know MnM crew.

Outfit Details:

wool hats:


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