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My Sisterlocks Are Growing and GlowingSis!

Hey there MnM Crew! I apologized for my hiatus. Sis was trying to figure out her work-life balance and baby it wasn't working. Even though I wasn't writing I was still documenting to share things with you all. One thing I've never shared with you all on my blog was my Sisterlocks! Part of my wellness was journey was locking my hair. It gave me a freedom I never knew! I had loose natural hair my whole life and when I started taking my fitness seriously, baby that hair was being sweat out daily. My hair texture didn't work well with frequent washes either so I made the big leap to lock my hair again! There were many factors that went into me choosing Sisterlocks this time around verses traditional locks. I have had both and I love them both believe it or not! (you can like two different things people) I just found that the method of locking that is used with Sisterlocks, the interlocking method, worked better for a person with an active lifestyle like myself.

Why I Choose Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks were suggested to me before I started my first loc journey. The price and the fact that I just didn't think those tiny locks were what I was looking for at the time. I researched traditional locks heavily about 4 years ago to help me determine size, locking technique, and parting before I flew down to Texas to have my locks installed. I could have had them installed here in Chicago but I found a stylist that I was obsessed with watching on YouTube and decided to head down there for a self discovery trip. I had that set of locks for 3 years and combed them out summer of 2019. I chose to comb them out, not because of the locks themselves, rather the sizing limited me. I realized that I wanted a size that allowed me more freedom and the ability to do more styles. I wore my loose natural hair for about a year but detangling is for the birds yal.

In the beginning of 2020, I had my yearly physical and found out I was prediabetic. That lead to me taking my health serious and trying to find protective styles that allowed me the freedom to workout. During quarentine I went down a black hole of protective styles and that lead me to locks once again. I started looking at micro locks and the smaller sized locks. When I saw watched the install videos I noticed that the process was similar to how they install Sisterlocks. My mother had them years ago when I was growing up so I remember the process well. I researched them again and decided they would be the best for me! The interlocking method that's used to install the locks would allow me more freedom to work out and do everything else I actively enjoy so it was an easy choice.

How do I maintain them?

I get this question all the time! Sisterlocks are more on the higher maintenance side for me. I go every 4-5 weeks to get a retightening. Most people go for maintenance about 4-6 weeks and it can range from a flat rate about $100 and up to an low base rate and a hourly rate going forward. I pay about $170 for a retightening and wash. Not all consultants wash the locks as well so you do want to ask that if that's something that's important to you. Now that I'm pregnant I like to make things as simple as possible so I'll pay for the wash.

Are Sisterlocks for You?

So I've told you all about why I chose Sisterlocks but should you? I loved the flexibility of being able to style my hair any way I wanted without the hours of detangling and the super long wash days. I also find that locks help you find your femininity! I felt so good because my hair was always done! I wanted my body, skin, and outfits to match! I felt like my locks gave me so much confidence even in that starting phase! One thing to consider though is the cost and how long the install process can take depending on the length of your hair. If cost is a big factor for your maybe consider traditional locks since they can be easier self maintained.

Still curious about Sisterlocks? Here's my style video below on how I styled my little baby locks before they grew so much!

See you all in the next one!


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