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Morning Routine for Productivity

Hey There! Its a whole new year, yay, and I know many people are setting goals and making big changes in their life for the better. I'm no different and I have some goals I had previously set that I would love to revisit. I wanted to share them with you all for some further accountability because, let's be honest, when you speak your goals to other people it can hold you to completing them. My main goal this year if to be as productive as possible and to give my body the added fuel it needs to do so. With that being said, I'm starting from the very beginning of the day. I'm sharing with you all my new, revamped morning routine!

Rise and Shine Lazy Bones!

My top goal is to start the day at 6 am, yes you heard me I said 6 am! Now lets be honest, I am not an early riser but I think I can train my body to be if I add good habits and things to look forward to in the morning! I actually don't have to be at work until 8:30 am but the extra time willl allow me to wake up, get my mind right, and conquer the day with my best foot forward. Some tips for transitioning into waking up earlier.

  1. Plan to go to bed so that you get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Trust me your body will thank you.

  2. Plan your outfit the night before. Having everything all set out for you is more motivation to get out the bed.

  3. Use an alarm clock and set it across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.

  4. If your phone is your alarm clock sleep with it face down and away from you. You can also switch it to do not disturb mode to limit your calls to only your favorites.

  5. If you drink coffee or tea use the automatic timer feature and let that morning coffee or tea smell wake you up.

  6. Prepare your lunch the night before. If your like me you just need to grab and go so meal prep or prepare your lunch the night before. It helps you eat a balanced meal and save a buck!

Set your Intentions

Journaling gets my mind right! After I'm up and dressed with coffee I hand I'm going to my living room to read my daily scripture. That helps me really mediate on something other than myself and I also pray and talk to God. I enjoy cultivating a friendship with God. Then I crack open my jounrnal and write my thoughts and intentions for the day. Some days I have a prompts and I'll use that but other day I just write what's on my mind and what's going on. I also downloaded this app that give me daily intentions so I look forward to using that this year.

Get Active

I started my fitness journal in the early morning hours of March and it's progressed to where I am today. I loved the jump start I had from working out in the morning and I want. to get back to that. I plan to start the day with yoga and stretching! I was so close to achieving a split and I know with patience and effort it can be achieved. After my intention is set I plan to do 30-40 minutes of yoga to get my mind awake and active. I'm using the Alomove app currently and I love it! Here's a link for a 30 day free trial if your interested in giving it a try:

Eat the breakfast of Champions

What you eat totally helps set the tone of your day. Find some quick breakfast ideas or meal prep some things to heat up. I'm more of a grab and go girl so I prefer things like oatmeal, grits or smoothies. I prep all those things on the weekend by making sure I have them in stock of course, and making sure I have fruits on hand to go with them. When making smoothie, I like to prep the night before or I'll just wing it some days. Its usually a nice break from the grains in the morning and very easy to make and clean up.

Maintain Your Peace Throughout Your Day

After I'm done eating I get dressed, grab my lunch bag, say goodbye to my baby dogs (yep that's what I call them) and head to work! I find that by the time I get there I'm in a great mood! I well mentally alert and I'm happy and the best version of Mya that I can be. Now that doesn't mean my days are perfect just because it starts well. We all have days that go up in flames, if you work in healthcare you know what I mean, but I usually save a scriptural thought from my morning bible reading in my phone. When I need to reset my mind I just reread it and reflect. Take a second and walk away from your desk if you apply this tip. You'll find that you can calm yourself and at least finish out your day. Remember, there's nothing wrong with taking time out for you in the day to present the best version of you to others.

Curious about what my morning looks like? Check out my instagram for more morning tips.


Thanks for reading!


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