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52 Week Blogging Challenge: A Challenge for Self Growth

If there's one thing I've learned about challenges, it's the resulting growth that makes the struggle so worth it. To start the beginning of the year, I wanted to devote time back to the blog and more time into the things I love and enjoy sharing.

Why am I Doing this Blogging Challenge?

This year I really want to share more on my blog and get to establish a community where we are open to sharing the joys and struggles of parenthood and motherhood. I also want the results that consistency and clarity bring. I invite you to do the work with me and get all into your head and thoughts this year. I've learned in therapy how good journaling is for your mental health so these prompt allow you to talk think deeply about yourself and your inner thoughts.

I've added a mix of topics for these 52 weeks to get you started on blogging or journaling for self reflection and getting comfort with sharing
52 Week Blogging Challenge Template

52 Weeks of Blogging = More Growth

This is also the year I turn 30 and after having Aria I definitely want to be better for her. I'm committing to you and to myself and using the guide below for prompts. I'm a little behind but I want to put it on out there for you all to see and expect from me! I look forward to sharing with you all as I grow this year!

I'm committing to this challenge for this little girl right here. She might be the next creative in our family and I want to show her whats possible with some dedication. This blogging challenge is just the beginning.
My Heart

See you all in the next one!

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