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Keeping Your Outlook Positive This Season

Hey M and M crew! I'm pretty sure that you noticed that it's fall is slowly but surely turning into winter! They leaves are changing, there's a chill in the air and if you haven't pulled those boots out the closet yet and thrown those winter coats in the cleaners already, here is your not so subtle reminder. As the seasons change, so will our routines. We add things and take things away as needed. Such is life. Here's a few fall tips to help with your fall wellness routine.

1. Adjust your workout. I know many of us have not ventured into gyms yet so outside was the place for many fitness activities. Now that it's getting chillier make sure that you start to purchase some clothing for outdoor workouts (your body warms up with the more activity you do, so you don't have to go in just yet). Or start to clear out a space for yourself to be active and focus on your workout. Revamp your playlist too (I've got a playlist if you like I can link share it).

I have a small front room but I converted it to my workout studio while teaching and working. Everything can be neatly stored after I'm finished!

2. Look up other activities to do in the house. Now hear me out people, I know you're thinking, "What more can I do inside this house Sis?", but let me tell you there are a ton of things that have been adapted for Stay at home life now. You can do a virtual paint and sip with a few friends. You can take online cooking or baking classes. You can venture out of confort zone and learn more about something you normally wouldn't have done. Rearrange your space for the seasons and add decor! I tried lettering which is similar to calligraphy but a little more relaxed. As you can see below I really got into it. I do it while I'm listening to a podcast or watching tv.

3. Get away if you can! We are under a stay at home order but you can definitely get away to an Airbnb close to home to and quarantine there for a change of scenery. Patrick and I took a road trip to Ohio this past October and spent time in at Cuyahoga Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It was a 5 hour drive and a beautiful weekend I did NOT want to come home yal! If you can't go that far Airbnb will show you suggestions near you!

Cuyahoga Falls!

4. Make time for the your spiritual needs. I have learned that more than anything you have to continue to cultivate your faith. My hope in better things to come has helped me step back and see a bigger picture and the future with no sickness. I pray often and now that I have more time at home,I have increased my study of the Bible to really start getting into the deeper thing and helping to keeping my trust in God.

5. Schedule regular family time. We can't be together in large groups but we can definitely do family game nights on Zoom or family happy hour for our family. We catch up, we celebrate each others accomplishments and encourage each other. We need our family and the love from each other more than ever. Be as present as possible without being in person.

What are some tips for handling the ever changing situation that 2020 has been? I know I can literally write a book on tips and I surely will continue to share what I hear and what's working for me. We are all in this together yay.


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