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Healthy Habits to Cultivate Today

When I started my wellness journey I had so many goals. I think sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with so many changes at once that the idea of change becomes so daughting that we never actually start. I just wanted to share some simple habits that you can start with that are simple and will make a big impact on your wellness journey.

Drink Water

I was never a big water drinker, actually I just was not a very "thirsty" person so to speak. I think I learned to function in a naturally dehydrated state. I knew a simple change that I could make was increasing my water intake as I increased my activity. Water is great for your digestion and helps your body remove toxins. It also helped your skin stay clearer hydrated And can give you a energy boost. You can mix it up by adding fruit like lemons or cucumbers to change the flavor. If you're not a water drinker like me try adding more teas, more vegetables, you can even try kombucha.

Eat a Least One Green Vegetable a Day

We all know that green vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. This is a great easy start you can incorporate into your daily nutrition. Make sure you add a green vegetable to you breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's like adding a boost of vitamins to eat meal. It also helps with regularity in your GI tract and is low calorie and needed in your diet.

Move or Be Active for 20 mins daily

When I worked on the floors as nurse moving was never a question. Now that I'm in a clinic setting I have to actively get up when I’m not seeing patients. I sit and return phone calls often so I have to make sure that I am getting up. I try to take the stairs when available and I often walk around while on the phone at work to stay active. I try to walk or be active for at least 10 minutes at work and workout at home. You can start movement with just 20 minutes a day of activity. Examples of activity can be walking, planned exercise or even running errands in the grocery store. I love a good walk around Target and you’ll be surprised the calories you can burn shopping!

Plan and Pack Your Lunch

Now I am so bad at this! I’m definitely working on it because I’ve noticed just how happy my body and baby are when I eat healthier options from home! It doesn’t take much to make a quick salad or wrap. I’ve saved a bunch of easy lunch recipes on Pinterest! I’ll link it for you all to get some ideas!

Here‘s my Pinterest Lunch Board:

5 Minutes of Deep Breathing

Do you have moments where you feel overwhelmed throughout then day? Does you job cause you intense stress? Try this technique the next time yours feeling over whelmed. Sit with your feet firmly planted or in cross legged position. Put your hands on your stomach and take a deep breath then push out all the air with your hand, focusing on fully exhaling. Once fully exhaled, take a deep breath in like your breathing through a straw. Follow up with 3-5 normal breaths after this repeating the deep breaths between the normal breath for at least a minute or until calm. If you can complete for 5 minutes you'll feel like a new person!

Theses are just some of tips that I've used to prioritize my health and fitness. Do you have any healthy habits you use for your wellness? Comment them down below. Thanks so much for reading you all! See you in the next one!


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