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Aria Saori is HERE: NICU Mom Life

Hey Everyone! It's been a little bit of time. I have been so bad at taking time out to blog and it's definitely one of my first loves. It's a awesome way to sharing and get to know people. I'm getting back into the swing of things after a bunch happening recently. It felt right to sitting down to tell you all what's happened with me and making sure we were all caught up! If you read this title you guessed it, I'm a mama now!! Aria Saori "Ori" Morenzoni came into this world kicking and screaming and eyes wide open on June 28th, 2021 at 12:39 pm at the right bold age of gestation of 27 weeks, weighing 1 pound 6 ounces!

Here she is! That's my girl y'all! I look at her now and it's crazy that she was this small when she was born!

She is currently 11 weeks old and she is also is considered a full turn baby at 38 weeks gestation now. She is our pride and joy and I love her so much. We often just look at her and wonder, "How did we make this little person?"

Her birth was definitely a journey. At 25 weeks my borderline high blood pressure started to creep up. I called my OB and was prescribed a blood pressure medication and was told to monitor over the weekend. Unfortunately, it did not go down and they wanted me to do a follow up visit that Monday.

It started out like normal work day in the clinic. I had one of my coworkers check my blood pressure and it was still elevated. I thought it was due to stress of the day but when I arrived to my appointment and they checked my blood pressure it was 178/108. If your not sure about how high that was, lets just say I was close to having a stroke or a seizure and had no idea. I was immediately rolled right over to the hospital and there I stayed for 8 days. One night O was continuously repositioned because Aria's heart rate kept dropping and she was having decreased flow from the placenta to her, I got the call that Aria need to come out. My husband and I had spoken with our doula the day before to finalize our birth plan (BTW we need a whole separate article about doulas because baybee she helped us so much). I originally really wanted to labor but I knew baby girl was already having a stressful morning and I really wanted her out quickly and safely. My team was also worried about her delivery because I'm a Jehovah's Witness and do not take whole blood products so we had to plan things and use methods to limit my blood loss. The picture above shows her right after they pulled her out. She was so tiny yet so strong and feisty. The delivery was quickly and thankfully without complication.

You can guess Patrick and I were thrilled that she came out with so much personality but she's also had her fair share of battles. Since she was born at 27 weeks she is considered a micro-premie. She thankfully was not continually intubated since she was breathing on her own but she was put on the C-PAP machine to assist her with breathing. She had a few minor procedures as well. Through it all, she continued to fight and grow! She made me into the mother I never knew I could be all from watching her! I mean look at me here knitting and pumping...I mean who I am now? lol

As you can guess now we're trying to play catch up. We are completing her nursery now, which will be a separate post, I'm excited to document and share for you all. If you enjoy seeing babies do baby things and parents being overly excited by everything they do follow me on Instagram at You'll see Live Photos of our journey.

Any who, thanks for catching up with our family. I'll be sharing more about the our little family, our home and the transition to being a mom and finding out the best ways to care for myself post baby.

Talk to you soon,

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